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Website Audit
Bonus! 5 hours of any work on your website
Get a FREE audit of your website
  • Let's check the security of the website
  • Let's evaluate its convenience from the client's point of view
  • We will place and check an online order as a real customer
  • We will look at what influences customer behavior and how you can get more customers!
  • We will conduct SEO analysis

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The audit should be carried out only by experts
A high-quality audit will show you the ways to increase sales; it will show what works well on your website and what doesn’t; we will find out where your customers have difficulties and whether there are any site security breaches. Order an audit now! We know we won't disappoint you.

We professionally support and develop hundreds of websites and know that most clients, after a good audit, trust us to fix their problems. We have extensive experience and the lowest service rates on the market! We work under a contract and guarantee reliable protection of your data.

What will we analyze?

  • We will check the security of the website
    We will perform cyber security tests and offer recommendations for protection against intruders
  • We will evaluate convenience from the client's point of view
    We will study the main pages of the site for:
    • problems in search for goods/services
    • issues with navigation in the catalog of goods/services
    • proper operation of filters and sorting
  • We will place an order as a real customer
    We will check the website according to a special scenario aimed at identifying critical problems on the way from adding a product/service to the cart to the moment of payment
  • We will conduct SEO analyses

    We perform SEO audit of a website according to our own checklist, which includes a huge number of parameters taken into account by search engines when ranking.
    We will conduct an audit of commercial and behavioral factors of the site, analysis of the link profile and promotion strategy if the site is already being promoted.
  • We will check why the website is slow
    We will check the speed of the website using professional services and give recommendations how to increase the speed.

Как это будет выглядеть?
Подготовим для вас индивидуальное предложение

В итоге проведения аудита мы выявим основные проблемы, которые влияют на безопасность или потерю клиентов, и дадим рекомендации, как их устранить.